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Snacks and Drinks Typical Aceh

1. BhoiAceh sweet cake is a traditional Acehnese Bolu, who groom conduction material used when the wedding, the sweet taste suitable eaten with coffee warm Aceh.
2. KeukarahSeeing as its Swallow's Nest makes people who assume it is made of swallow's nests. It was a crisp and unique shape make it a gift that can be taken anywhere.
3. Rujak AcehSalad Aceh has a distinctive taste and unique. The flavor comes from the Fruit and Fruit Rumbia Batok (Salak Aceh) were mashed together with other salad herbs. A wide range of fruits and then shredded or cut into small pieces and add to taste too sweet palm sugar.
4. TimphanThis cake is a stretch, made of flour, eggs, stuffed with grated coconut and wrapped in banana leaves muda.Timpan very famous in Aceh and Aceh often makes people think of going home. Many also Hadi Maja (wise words in Acehnese) containing about this cake. "Uroe got buleun got timphan ma peugoet beumeutemeng sense" which means "good day, a good month, the mother made the same timphan should we think".
5. Cane BreadCane Bread Almost similar to Indian food, usually served with mutton and chicken gule with delicious flavors. Made from flour, butter and salt.
6. Kupi Ulee KarengKupi Ulee Kareng is the favorite drinks in Banda Aceh and also tourists who come to the city of Banda Aceh. It was a typical target of making the coffee connoisseur. How to make it also an interesting attraction to see.
7. Martabak EggsMartabak egg is made of wheat flour, the same used to make Cane, eggs and vegetables, then cooked in the frying pan shaped square metal surface is flat.
8. Sabang BakpiaBakpia Bakpia Sabang is a very famous cake with a unique and delicious taste. Have some sense of them, Mung Bean, Pandan and Durian. Usually a gift from the city of Sabang mandatory.
9. Ie Boh TimonIe Boh Timon or cucumber water made from grated cucumber mixed with water and sugar. It may also add lime juice. I Boh Timon serves to neutralize Aceh dishes like goat Gule that can cause high blood pressure

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