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Recipe Sambal Beard

Sauce or condiment is never separated from the cuisine of Indonesia. There are of course variations of sauce that we can meet, one of which is the chili recipe below beard. The origin of the beard is not as refined culinary Indonesia was created by a bearded man, but the sauce is made ​​from coconut base. Hmm, curious mother Sambel Beard's recipe? Cekidot chili recipe follows:
The basic ingredients of sauce beard

     1/2 coconuts a bit old

Seasoning sauce beard

     3 cloves of garlic
     5 chili
     1 vertebra finger kencur
     2 tbsp brown sugar
     2 tbsp tempeh semangit
     1 tsp salt

How to make chili beard

     Clean the coconut husk, grate
     Puree all ingredients, then mix with coconut and stir well. Then steamed until cooked, remove and serve.

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