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Gelatin Recipes Rich Sari

Gelatin Recipes Rich Sari

Sri rich is actually a fruit native to Indonesia, but do not imagine Gelatin-rich juice that we will make use of fruit. The main ingredient of gelatin-rich juice is ready to use Powder For many traditional market sale, so mothers do not have to worry that making gelatin-rich juice was tough.

Well, mothers try recipes snacks rich gelatinous extract below, who knows add insight and fun family time when leisure.
Gelatinous material rich sari

     1 package (11 ounces) ready-made jelly
     2 whole chicken egg, beaten
     1 cup / 200 g sugar finely sliced
     1 cup / 200 g coconut water
     1 packet of vanilla
     1/2 tsp salt

How to make gelatin rich sari

     Boil sugar with 2 cups of water, then remove and strain.
     Mix the sugar water and agar-agar, boiled until boiling.
     Enter the beaten eggs, milk, salt and vanilla stir well, remove from heat.
     Pour in a pudding mold, let it cool and then cut into pieces according to taste

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