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stick seasoning pecal

Every home to Sigli Pidie sure each morning's breakfast with noodles .. nice deh .. until my kids also love .. nah gini again if another wander how ya want .. This must make your own ..
yesterday it really feels right for not feeling ya, just ask on the phone cousins ​​taught there ..
oh and it turns out so far dakuw not numis duluw his noodle pantesan less kick ..

This recipe dakuw version ..

1/2 kg of rib noodles, stew cooked with a little oil ampe
cabbage taste
shrimp taste
1 tablespoon soy sauce, or to taste
soy sauce
ready-made spice pecal
fried onions

3 red onions
2 garlic cloves
3 red chillies (if you do not like spicy, cored it or wear a big red chilli)
a little pepper

How to make:
1. Saute the spices ampe scented with oil, put the shrimp, stir ampe shrimp change color.
2. enter the soy sauce and salt
3. enter trus little shredded cabbage water cabbage tuk ripen
4. insert sticks who already boiled noodles soft, salt, scallions celery, stir ampe bit dry, overcooked
5. lift
6. serve noodles topped with fried onions and spices pecal

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