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Know the contents SHRIMP ball

Tofu balls, can be presented to the menu dishes and school supplies for children of putrianda. Know and balls with no sauce can also be used as a casual evening meal


     2 pcs tofu, destroyed.
     200 grams of peeled shrimp, dicingcang.
     2 cloves garlic puree
     Onion 1 clove
     Pepper 1 tsp
     Salt, sugar to taste.
     Oyster sauce 1 tbsp
     1 clove garlic crushed
     Corn starch to thicken.

How to cook:

     Boil the water out until boiling, remove and drain. then squeezed out and squeeze. Until there is no water left.
     minced shrimp
     Garlic puree, onion meraah, pepper, salt, sugar
     Mixed know, shrimp and garlic, salt, sugar, stir for a flat balls. (forms can be made as attractive as possible)
     Fried balls with plenty of oil until browned, set aside.
     Make the sauce: reserving 1 tablespoon oil saute the crushed garlic until yellowish, enter the oyster sauce, add a little water, sugar, wait until boiling then Thicken with corn starch.
     Serve balls set out on a plate sprinkle with green onions, pour the sauce.

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