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Pepes Anchovy Typical ACEH

Hmmmm steady this time spiced favorite .. me n family ..
While it could've made ​​ndiri but teteup wrote submissions from parents directly from Aceh still better .. hell out sip ...

I share this recipe .. my mama flagship restaurant in Aceh there ..

heck sometimes I just cemplung-cemplung alone, did not have a definite dose .. but still good ..

- 250 grams of anchovies wet, clean, love the lime juice salt n let not fishy
-2 Tbsp cooking oil
-7 Curly green chillies, sliced ​​oblique rather large
-5 Starfruit, sliced ​​oblique
-6 Young citrus leaves, discard the bones of his middle, finely sliced
-2 Serei rod, take putinya wrote, thinly sliced
Banana leaf-buds / young to wrap

Subtle Seasonings:
-5 Curly red chili
-8 Cayenne pepper
-5 Onion
-2 White bw
-handful Sunti acid, approximately 11-15 seeds deh
-2 Cm turmeric
-1 Segment ginger

How to make:
1. Teri on the coat of lime juice n salt.
2. mix all remaining ingredients .. n all the spices mix well.
3. insert a little salt 1/4-1/2 teaspoon .. kira2
4. then wrap with banana leaf shoots (young)
5. roasted in a pan until cooked.

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