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Recipe Bu Leumak Aceh

Bu Leumak is typical cuisine of Aceh. Bu means rice, Leumak means fat. While other regions also have yellow rice, it's not the same as bu leumak Aceh. Characteristic of this recipe is more pronounced marinade. Our whole family is very fond of this recipe. It's wonderful served during cold weather or when it is raining. This recipe is based on the experience you know, and servings for 5 people.


Rice 2 muq (about 4 ounces)

Spices that are:

Onion 5 cloves
Garlic 2 siungin
Ginger 1/2 knuckles
Pepper powder 1/2 tsp
1 tbsp coriander
Turmeric 2 knuckles
Extra spice:

1 stick of crushed ginger
Cloves 3 eggs
Bay leaves 2 pieces
Pandan leaves 1/2 sheet (if not it's okay)
Keluwang (Bungong mace Kleng, Bahasa Aceh), which looks like a star herb commonly used as fragrance meat dishes
Coconut milk from half coconut (two cups)

How to:

Washed rice, drain, add salt, spices and seasonings added, stir and pour the coconut milk. Cook until slightly dry, then steamed.
Can also be cooked use a rice cooker, but the dose used in accordance coconut water so the rice does not cook plain hard or mushy.

Side dishes for Mom can be a tauco Leumak green chilli prawns, anchovies peanut sauce, fried chicken, and others.

Good luck!

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