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Achenes culture

Aceh is one of the regions in Indonesia which has a variety of cultural interest, particularly in the form of dance, crafts and celebration / festivity. In Aceh there are eight sub-tribe of the tribe of Aceh, Gayo, Alas, Aneuk Jamee, Simeulu, Kluet, Singkil and Tamiang. The eight sub-ethnic groups have a culture very different from one another. Spare Gayo and Alas is a tribe who inhabit the highlands of Central Aceh and East Aceh.

Aceh is a region very rich in art and culture galibnya other Indonesian provinces. Aceh has a variety of special cultural arts such as dancing, and other cultures such as: Didong (art show of Gayo society) Meuseukee Eungkot (a tradition in the province of Aceh Barat) Peusijuek (or flour fresh in traditional Malay)


Persuading Prang said
Malem Persuading Spirit

Traditional weapons

are weapons Rencong traditional Acehnese, shaped like the letter L, and if you look closer the shape is Bismillah calligraphy writing. Rencong included in the category of dagger or knife (not a knife or sword). Rencong addition, the Acehnese also has several other unique weapons, such as Sikin Panyang, Klewang and Peudeung oon Teubee.

Traditional Houses

Rumoh Aceh


Dance Seudati
Tari Saman
Rapai Geleng
Rateb Meuseukat
Likok Pulo
Ranup Lampuan
Tarek trawl
Dance Guel, from Gayo
Dance Bines, from the Gayo

Typical food

Aceh has a special selection of meals. Among other timphan, duck curry, mutton curry dishes, Gulai Pliek U and meuseukat rare. In addition flakes original melinjo Pidie district famous savory, dodol Sabang made with a variety of flavors, durian sticky rice (boh drien ngon bu leukat), as well as the original sweet sponge Peukan Bada, Aceh Besar can also be highlights of NAD.

Heroes Women:

Cut Nyak Dien
Cut Nyak Meutia
Admiral Malahayati
Pocut Baren
Teungku Fakinah Male: Sultan Iskandar Muda Teungku Chik Di Tiro Uma Commander Polem Teuku Nyak Arif Tengku Muhammad Daud Beureueh
Nation of Aceh is a hard race to defend its independence. Persistence race war Aceh, can be seen and proven by a number of Warriors (either man or woman), as well as other evidence (nine Dutch general was killed in Aceh war, and grave Kerkhoff record ever recorded as the largest Dutch graves outside the Netherlands). Acehnese figures See also Quarterly Aceh to figures that are not from the province but Aceh.Sheikh descent Hamzah al-FansuriSheikh Nuruddin ar-RanirySheikh Abdurrauf or better known as Sri LanangIsmail KualaTun Shiite al-AsyiMr HassanMohamad Teuku Mohammad Hasan Muhammad Kasim ArifinTeungku in TiroYap Thiam Hien

Customary Marriage Aceh


Family man who will be applying a girl, send a link called seulangke, when the family of a woman accept the proposal then the family drove him sign a bond is called baba ranub kong. Bond is usually a sign of items made ​​of gold and clothes for the girl. Families on both sides then set also the marriage and the amount of dowry to be paid by the man. Dowry is called jeunameu. Marriage Preparation Prior to marriage, the girl's seclusion for a month. Along the way the girls are guided in ways married, are also encouraged to persevere Koran.

Two days before the wedding, the woman's family held a ceremony with flower water bath for the girl. It is intended as a cleansing of sin for a bride, as well as fragrances, body. After that, the woman's family held a ceremony koh andam Similarly, the ceremony ditengkuk cleanse the hair, forehead, and eyebrows tidied, nails menginai also become red and crimson lips by eating betel.

Wedding Ceremony

held before the wedding ceremony, the bride or new virgin will demonstrate its ability to complete the reading of the holy book Quran. Then, the father of the bride led the wedding ceremony or consent granted.
After that, the Parties submit jeunameu Groom family or dowry form Foreword, a set of custom dress fabric, and gold pounds. Gold pounds are ancient gold coin weighing 100 grams. Before the bride and groom at the wedding dipersandingkan, the family held a ceremony conducted by the eggs of a bridegroom.

Apparel Bridal

replacement guy wearing tight trousers called civet, sarongs and shirts called pendua pot of gold thread to use the bus, and wear a skullcap called sebilah rencong makutup and tucked in front of the abdomen.
The bride wore tight pants weasel, baju kurung to the hips, and a sarong. Jewelry such as necklaces called kula, pending, bracelet and anklet

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