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Bingkang (Adee)

After a long time of not showing typical hawker areas in Indonesia now I will try to present it again, and this time I will try to bring snacks typical aceh named bingkang or Adee (in read by Acehnese dialect ya ..). bingkang itself is typical snacks from one area Pidie Jaya districts in Aceh.


Bingkang itself is a kind of snacks that I think fit once enjoyed as a snack or a cup of coffee aceh our friend who is very famous. timphan different cakes that are usually only made ​​during Lebaran, then bingkang is one of the typical hawker aceh we can meet at any moment, so when he was in Aceh do not forget to buy bingkang are also perfect for gift this.

The basic ingredients for making bingkang are duck eggs, coconut milk and a few other ingredients. Make bingkang fairly easy because the material is needed is very simple and easy to find. To see the recipe and how to make please click here.

Hopefully, a little above my description useful and adds to our knowledge about the culinary riches of Indonesia. We are sorry if there is any one word and do not be shy to share info culinary regions in Indonesia with me here.

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