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Ala Chef Farah Quinn took some scenes in Banda Aceh City

Banda Aceh – Chef Farah Quinn and the crew of Trans TV Ala Chef cooking show was in Banda Aceh city from Tuesday (05/29) to Thursday (05/31). It was as a cooperation between Banda Aceh Department of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) and Trans TV, a private television station.
During the visitation, Farah Quinn had prepared twelve recipes for the TV program. It took four locations in Banda Aceh Tourism Destination for four episodes. The recipes were created by Farah Quinn in the form of Acehnese culinary recipes combination in the way of Chef Farah Quinn presentation.
Banda Aceh Tourism Destination that mentioned being the shooting areas were in Lampulo Samudera harbor, Aceh Museum (Rumoh Aceh), Lubuk Village and Lampuuk beach in Capital of Aceh. Chef Farah also introduced some other tourism areas such as Tsunami Museum, and Baiturrahman Grand Mosque. She experienced those destination areas using local public transportation called becak (pedicap).
The first location was Lampulo, where people could see with their own eyes Kapal di atas Rumah, Fishing Boat on the Roof existed . At the same time there was a traditional reception being held by the local citizen. Therefore Chef Farah was not only visited Engkot Keumamah (Wooden Fish) Home Industry but also learned how to cake Kuah Beulangong (Goat Curry).
“We have to thank to the media that presented a popular Chef Farah Quinn, since it could promote Banda Aceh tourism to the local and international visitors” remarked the Vice Major of Banda Aceh city, Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal, on the sidelines shooting of Al Chef Farah Quinn in front of Rumoh Aceh, Acehnese traditional house on Wednesday (05/30). Illiza exclaimed that by taking some scenes in Banda Aceh City will be a good way to enrich Acehnese culinary recipes.
She also expected that this kind of visitation cooperation could be a way to make the variety of natural attractions, historical or heritage tourism, and the Tsunami tour, specially Acehnese culinary that inspirated Chef Farah Quinn to create new recipes symbolizing the Acehnese uniqueness.
By Chef Farah’s visitation Banda Aceh city will be absolutely known by more people since the current situation of the city were more conducive and plus some attractions in some Tourism Object Destinations. After several times promoting and publishing the Banda Aceh tourism objects, Banda Aceh will be for sure more well known by many people, believed Illiza, the Vice Major.

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