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Become a Beloved Woman of God

After Mother's Prayer Power grounded, Ummi Maya increasingly aware of their nature as permepuan a very noble position in Islam.
How Kop cup of milk, that the lives of women.
Such exposure Ummi Maya in early writings.
The more internalized, the more volatile for anyone who reads the exposure Ummi Maya in this book.

Word of the Prophet
Will you tell me the best treasures are kept by humans? Treasure was named Woman Shalehah which when seen by her husband she was so much fun. If he ordered it, he obeyed and when her husband left her, she keep herself and her husband's property.
(Narrated by At-Tirmidxi)

Yes, women shalehah.
Will we remain unchanged to reach?
Insha Allah, Ummi Maya exposure in this book motivates every woman to attain degrees shalehah.
Amin yes rabbal'alamin.

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