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Typical food Aceh

Aceh has a variety of traditional foods, such as:

Chicken Catch

Overview chicken catching this as makananan the garbage is covered by foliage as ranging from all sorts of leaves in it, but the fried chicken seasoning blend this one can be addictive.
Temurui leaves mixed with processed chicken meat is making you taste more delicious. Eaten with sambal marijuana spicy fresh sour siangkali would make this meal more special.Pieces of chicken meat that has been seasoned and fried fragrant smelling fragrant lezat.Aroma rise from leaves that are mixed into the catch chickens. The leaves such as curry or temurui leaf, pandan leaves, lime leaves and lemon grass leaves that have been chopped coarse fried until dry.Eating chicken Aceh typical catch is most fitting to the chili pot. Yak, sauce made from a mixture of star fruit vegetables, chili pepper, onion, which can indeed make smooth diuleg addictive like marijuana.


The main dishes are made using spices such pungent cloves, cinnamon, deaf, cardamom processing is typical cuisine of Aceh. Cuisine reddish brown obtained from a combination of spices and the use of fresh red chilli.

Mie Aceh

Mie Aceh is a spicy noodle dish typical of Aceh in Indonesia. Thick yellow noodles with sliced ​​beef, mutton or seafood (shrimp and calamari) served in a soup kind of savory and spicy curry. Mie Aceh available in two types, Aceh Mie Goreng (fried and dry) and Aceh Noodle Soup (soup). Usually sprinkled with fried onions and served with chips, onion chunks, cucumber, and lime.

Kanji Rumbi

Rumbi starch slurry is typical cuisine of Aceh, one that is often found in the month of Ramadan. Basic ingredients of rice and onions mixed with Pree, leaf soup, chicken, shrimp, carrots, and add cooking kentang.Untuk manambah menu there are also people outside your existing menu, in the form of leaves with a mixed leaf pegaga more nutritious vitamins, of course, the addition of pegaga leaf is also excellent for kesehatan.Biasanya porridge is cooked in a big pot and eaten together local people to break their fast.
Cake Timpan

Timpan is a kind of snack originally from Aceh. Ingredients to make timpan made of flour, banana, and coconut milk. All material is then stirred until chewy. Then it is elongated and filled with srikaya. Then after that the content of this dough wrapped in banana leaves and steamed (boiled without water soaked).

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