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Es Mentimun Khas Aceh

Want to try the drink out of the ordinary for iftar? Try it makes iced cucumber typical of Aceh, but the fresh taste is fresh and able to wet my throat satiation after a day of fasting. In addition, the cucumber is also believed to lower blood pressure. Bikinnya not complicated and does not use long, ya materials and how:

Ice cubes;
2 pieces of cucumber, shaved, may include the seeds if you like;
Basil (optional).

lime syrup
500 ml water;
100 grams of sugar;
1 piece of lemon, squeeze.

How to make the lemon syrup: heat the water, put the sugar and the juice of limes. Wait until the sugar is dissolved, then chill.

Presentation: insert ice cubes, basil, and cucumber shavings in a glass, pour the lemon syrup over it.

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