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Timphan, Food Typical Aceh when Eid

Timphan is a cake / dish typical of Aceh when Eid / holiday either feast of Eid al-Fitri and Eid al-Adha, Timphan is 1 or 2 days before Eid and durability can be achieved more or less seminngu, Timphan is the main course menu for guests who visit the current home Eid.For the good people of Aceh in Aceh until the whole world who does not know ama no cake / dough on this one, because it has become a tradition handed down and common knowledge in Aceh that the name Timphan any mothers or women in Aceh can be made.Timphan which is the mushy food wrapped in banana leaves is the most famous young is Timphan srikaya flavor. Before approaching Eid mothers usually have prepared young banana leaves in a garden or picking good buy on the market.Timphan is so famous in Aceh, so much expression / proverb Timphan words such as "Uroe goet buluen goet Timphan ma peugoet beumeuteme sense" (good day for a good month Timphan mother must feel).As for the ingredients and how to make the following, depending on how the desired portion, below we ambila ingredients for 15 servings (1 serving more or less the same as 114 calories):Ingredients:250 grams of mashed plantainsGlutinous rice flour 200 grThick coconut milk 2 tbsp1 tablespoon water whitingSalt 1/4 tspContents:2 whole chicken eggs50 ml thick coconut milkGranulated sugar 100 GRChopped ripe jackfruit small 25 grWheat flour ½ tsp1 sheet of pandan leavesFinely grated coconut 50 gr¼ tsp Vanilli.How to make it:1. Combine all ingredients by stirring flour and sticky rice banana dihaluskanserta enter the coconut milk, lime and salt until well blended, the dough is used for the skin.2. Beat eggs and sugar until thick hear mixer or the like (before the first mixer mothers in Aceh ngeremas use hands) and enter the flour and coconut milk, mix well, add chopped ripe jackfruit into small pieces and finely grated coconut then give pandan leaves and cook until thickened, then remove and mix berries Vanilla again. Once cooked let cool and use as iosi timphan.3.Ambil young banana leaves that have been cut into pieces according to the size of timphan basting with oil and trimmed dough skin was on the leaves and then give the content continues rolled dough, wrapped like the picture above, steamed until cooked for about 10 minutes.Good luck and please enjoy

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