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Catch Chicken recipes Aceh

catch chicken recipes acehThe recipe is arguably easier but also challenging. But when it comes to flavor you do not need to question it. Her hallmark is the sensation has krenyes guring fried chicken spice blends fragrant foliage and stung various chili. Suitable for family cooking
resep masakan aceh ayam tangkapShould be prepared:1 chicken (I recommend chicken)1 liter of vegetable oil8 stalks bay leaves Koja (temurui)4 pandan leaves, sliced1 cup of boiled water2 green chiliesMaterial seasoning:3 cloves garlic (3 cloves chopped, 3 cloves crushed)3 pieces of red onion5 pieces of cayenne pepper1 vertebra thumb (2 cm) of turmeric1 vertebra thumb (2 cm) ginger1 tsp salttamarind water, to taste
How to make chicken catching:

Cut the chicken into 24-30 pieces, then wash. If necessary, squeeze the lemon-lime remasdengan.Puree all ingredients, mixed with 200 ml of boiled water.Enter into the seasoning chicken pieces, and soak for 10 minutes.Heat the oil in a large skillet until it was boiling. Fry chicken until browned.All chickens must be immersed in the oil and do not coincide with each other too. For best results, use a large pan with 2 liters of cooking oil. Or, do not fry at once, but little by little. (Remember: the success of this simple dish so bergantungpada frying technique).Towards the chicken is cooked, put sliced ​​onion, bay leaves Koja, pandan leaves and green chillies. Continue to fry about three minutes.Remove, drain, and serve immediately in hot conditions.

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